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The best online casino bonuses in Germany

Casino bonuses are an effective tool for attracting and retaining gamblers in a gambling establishment. They allow you to play on more favorable terms and get additional winnings. Almost all modern online casinos in Germany and the world offer bonuses to players. Moreover, there are incentives for both new and regular players.

Casino bonuses in 2021 allow gamblers to receive 100 free spins and hundreds of bonus euros. And generous loyalty programs guarantee improved playing conditions for the most active customers. We offer you a detailed guide on casino bonuses in 2021: varieties, wagering, search, pitfalls, profitability assessment.

Types of casino bonuses

Online casino bonuses are usually classified according to the method of obtaining them. The most basic classification:

  • Welcome casino bonuses: for registration, deposit, welcome packages. These are incentives for new players.
  • Regular bonuses: for the next replenishment, activity, participation in contests, loyalty. These are casino promotions and bonuses for regular players who already have an account on the site.

The most popular types in the first category are the casino bonus for registration and the first deposit bonus. But these two offers are just the tip of the iceberg of promo programs of modern casinos. Below we have listed all the popular types of bonuses. And bonuses for new customers, and for regular ones.

No Deposit Casino Bonus 

No deposit bonus is the most popular offer among online casino players. To receive it, you do not need to use real money. Usually, a no deposit bonus means a gift for registration to new customers. The two main formats of this bonus offer are:

  • Free spins: 20, 30, 50. Usually no more than 100 free spins. And the nominal value of one free spin is not higher than 0.50 EUR;
  • A small bonus amount (casino cash bonus). For example, 10 or 20 euros. This casino bonus still needs to be won back by fulfilling the requirements of the wager.

Free spins are more common. To receive them, in addition to registration, the player is usually required to fill in personal information, confirm the email address and phone number. Sometimes you need to enter a bonus code, activate offers in your personal account or write to the support service. After that, the online casino awards free spins for free – in a specific online slot or in one of the slot machines to choose from.

You still need to win back the FS you received. Each free spin bonus has a face value. For example - 0.1 EUR. First, the player must replay all the free spins in the specified slot . After that, a certain amount will be formed on the bonus balance. Then you need to replay this amount too. The number of scrolls is equal to the value of the wager.

Example: you have received 50 free spins in Gonzo's Quest slot with a 30x wager. After replaying the FS, the balance became 40 euros. Now you need to replay a total of 1200 euros = 30 * 40. Only after that you will be able to cash out the casino bonus .

Please note that the casino usually issues a no deposit bonus with a limit on the maximum win. This can be a specific amount (50, 100 euros) or relative (10x of the balance). In addition, the casino always specifies the time limit for replaying and wagering the bonus. In most cases, this is no more than seven days. To withdraw winnings from the casino's no deposit bonus, you must make a minimum deposit. In this way, the casino records your details, and the casino bonus can not be received again later.

First Deposit Bonus

In the classic form, the first deposit bonus is a certain amount as a percentage of the first deposit. For example: 100% casino bonus up to 200 euros. This means that the amount of the promotion will be equal to the size of the first deposit, but not more than 200 euros. To receive bonus funds, the player must open an account at the casino and top up the balance for the required amount within the specified time. Sometimes you need to enter a promo code or activate a deposit bonus in your personal account.

The first deposit bonus is issued with a wager, a wagering period and sometimes with a limit on the maximum winnings. Some casinos include not only the bonus amount, but also the deposit amount in the wager. In this case, you will have to replay your funds twice. There are also offers with an increased "bid"

  • 200% casino bonus. Then the amount will be twice as high as the deposit;
  • 300% casino bonus. The received bonus funds will exceed the deposit by three times. When depositing 100 euros, the casino bonus will be 300;
  • 400% casino bonus. The player will receive a four times bigger deposit to the bonus account.

There are also other types of bonus with a deposit in the casino: 

  • FreeSpins. The player receives a certain number of free spins for replenishing the account. The number of FS usually directly depends on the deposit amount: the larger the deposit, the more free spins.
  • Amount + free spins. Example: 100% casino bonus up to 300 euros + 200 free spins (200 freispiele). Combinations of cash bonus + free spins. The amount of FS may also depend on the size of the deposit. Bonus funds and free spins are wagered separately. At the same time, FS are usually accrued and recouped gradually – 20 per day.

Bonuses for the first few deposits form a Welcome Pack. The total amount of bonus funds in them can reach 1000 euros or more.


The online casino bonus for the next (not the first) deposit is usually called a Reload or a bonus for repeated replenishment. It is intended for already registered customers. Even the casino bonus for the second or third deposit is a RELOAD. They work on the same principle as the welcome bonus offer. Accordingly, they have a similar format:

  • A certain amount. For example: 50% for a deposit of up to 200 euros;
  • Amount + free spins. 100% casino bonus up to 100 euros + 50 free spins;
  • Only free spins for adding funds to your account.

The most common form of Reload is a deposit bonus on a particular day. For example, you can receive a bonus at the casino every Wednesday or Monday. There are monthly deposit bonuses in online casinos - every 1st day, or in honor of the holidays.


Cashback is a refund to the player. This offer is intended for regular casino customers. The main parameters of the cashback bonus in the casino:

  • Origin of the cashback (the body of the cashback). This can be a lost deposit, the sum of all bets, the amount of lost bets, the amount of deposits.
  • Percent. Exactly how much of the designated amount of loss or turnover will the player receive: 5%, 10%, 15%? A 200% casino bonus you will not receive in the form of a refund.
  • The maximum amount. The casino cashback bonus is limited to the maximum amount: 100, 200, 1000 euros;
  • Deadlines. By duration of the period there are such cashbacks: day, week, month, from the last deposit;
  • The form of the funds received. Usually, cashback is bonus funds that still need to be wagered. In rare cases, casinos issue a refund in real funds.

If a player regularly plays in an online casino, then he is almost guaranteed to receive cashback at some stage. If you quickly lost several deposits, you can contact the support service with a request to issue a bonus refund and then discover bonus funds.

Individual Casino Bonus

Everyone can get an individual online casino bonus. The player receives information about them in his personal account in the promotions section or by sending an e-mail. Sometimes this is notified by the operator in the live chat. The casino distributes individual incentives for a variety of reasons: in honor of a birthday, an anniversary from the moment of registration, after reaching a round amount of deposits or turnover, in honor of holidays, and so on.

A personal online casino bonus can be issued without a deposit or in the form of a deposit prize. There are also other forms: an increase in winnings in a particular game by several times, it is possible to buy a bonus round in a slot machine for free. The more actively you play in an online casino, the more personal bonuses you will receive.

Loyalty Program

Loyalty programs and VIP clubs in online casinos are intended for regular active players. They are usually based on complimentary points (CP). These points are earned: for bets, for winnings, for deposits, participation in tournaments and sweepstakes. Loyalty programs have levels, statuses, and titles. The more CP a player gains, the higher his position in the loyalty program and the more additional rewards he receives:

  • Personal manager for prompt problem solving;
  • Accelerated withdrawal of funds;
  • Increased withdrawal limits;
  • Increased cashback rate;
  • More personal bonuses (free spins, deposit incentives);
  • Invitations to sweepstakes and lotteries;
  • Improved CP conversion rate to real money or bonus funds.

Loyalty points are not eternal. They accumulate over a certain period: a month, three months, six months. Therefore, in order to maintain a high status, a player must regularly play in an online casino, make deposits, and participate in tournaments.

Tournaments, sweepstakes, contests

Online casinos with bonuses for players are increasingly introducing elements of gamification and socialization. This results in holding tournaments, contests, lotteries:

  • Tournaments. Usually the theme of slot machines or a specific manufacturer is chosen. The tournament page has a list of participating slots. Competitions can last a day, a week, or several weeks. Points are awarded for bets, winnings or large multiplications. A table is formed on their basis. The best players receive incentives: money, bonus funds, free spins, CP. Tournaments can be network-held in several casinos at the same time. In large tournaments, cars and other valuable gifts can be played out as prizes.
  • Contests. They usually include activity in social networks, on forums. The casino can distribute money and bonuses to streamers for their videos. Or even hold full-fledged tournaments between streamers. You can also get an online casino bonus for a review on the forum or an interesting personal story.
  • Lotteries. For adding money to the account or a certain amount of bets, the player receives tickets. The casino chooses a date and holds a special lottery. The winners are randomly selected. The main prize can be money, valuable gifts. Free spins and other types of bonuses are also distributed.

Other casino promotions and bonuses

One of the most popular types of casino bonuses is inviting a friend. To do this, a referral link or a special promo code is used. For the attracted friend, the player receives free spins or bonus funds for wagering. The invited participant is also given a casino bonus on improved terms.

One of the new casino bonuses is freeplay. The player receives a large sum at his disposal – 500, 1000 euros. He is given a limited amount of time (usually 60 minutes) to scroll the amount several times. If the player manages to increase the balance during the allotted freeplay period, then the net winnings remain on the bonus account. It remains only to win back these bonus funds. Sometimes the received net win is the bonus amount that the player can receive for the nearest deposit.

There are bonuses for depositing funds using a specific method in online casinos. For example, 10% for depositing Skrill. Another option is an online casino bonus for high rollers and VIP players. It is designed for customers who play for large sums. The exact terms of such bonuses are not always available on the site.

Casino bonus wagering: wager and other terms, features

Wager is a key term and indicator when wagering any bonus in an online casino. This value indicates the number of required spins of funds to win back the bonus. For example, a 100 euro casino bonus with a 40x wager means that you need to scroll the funds (100 euros) 40 times to win it back. In total, you need to play for 4000 euros = 40 * 100.

Money from the main account is mainly used to scroll the wager in the casino deposit bonuses. When wagering no deposit bonuses – bonus funds are used. Also, in deposit bonuses, the body of the bonus can be a deposit + bonus. For example, if you have topped up your account for 200 euros and received a 100% casino bonus for 200 euros with a 30x wager, then you will have to scroll 30 * (200 + 200). However, most often the wager is tied only to the size of the deposit.

When fulfilling the wager requirement, it is important to pay attention to other bonus conditions :

  • Limits on the bet. The online casino limits the maximum bet per spin to 5 euros or another amount. You must stick to the limit.
  • The wagering period. It indicates how much time the player has to win back the casino bonus;
  • The limit on winning. This is the maximum amount that the player will be able to withdraw after wagering. This can be a specific amount (1000 euros) or a relative amount (10x of the current bonus balance). You will not be able to withdraw more than the specified limit, even if a large amount has turned out on the account after wagering.
  • Contribution of games or online slots. This is one of the key indicators and is measured as a percentage. The contribution indicates the degree of coverage of the wager by the game. A 100% contribution means that all the funds rolled in the game will go to wagering the wager. A contribution of 1% means that only 1 euro will go to the wagering from 100 scrolled euros. The online casino specifies a list of games with a reduced contribution (1%, 5%) or zero return in the rules. So almost all table games (blackjack, roulette, baccarat, dice) have a contribution from 0% to 10%.
  • Minimum deposit. If the casino bonus is no deposit, then after wagering it, you will need to make a minimum deposit. Only after that, the casino allows the withdrawal of the wagered funds.

Before you receive and win back bonuses at an online casino, study the rules of the institution and a specific promotion in detail. When wagering most of the deposit bonuses, the player is prohibited from withdrawing funds. It may also indicate that the player is prohibited from using strategies based on progressions. Violation of the terms and conditions leads to the fact that you lose the casino bonus.

The best casino bonuses for a deposit

A good casino bonus for a deposit is a bonus that can really be won back. When choosing a bonus promotion, pay attention to the following parameters: the bonus amount, the wager, the percentage, the wagering period, the limit on the bet per spin, the list of slots according to the contribution, from which the wager is wagered, what is the limit on winning. Study the conditions in detail for pitfalls – what the casino means by fraud, whether there are restrictions on withdrawing funds, and so on.

The best casino bonus is not always the biggest bonus. For example, there is a 300% casino bonus up to 600 euros. However, his wager is 50x, the wagering period is three days, withdrawal of funds at the time of wagering is prohibited, the limit on winnings is 600 euros, and bets can only be placed in slots of a separate manufacturer and no more than 3 euros per spin. To win back such a casino bonus, you need to scroll 30,000 euros. With a maximum bet of 3 euros, this is equal to 10,000 spins. You will have to choose a slot machine with a turbo scrolling function. And if it is not there, then you will have to experience a marathon with an autogame. And even if you are lucky, then in the best case you will get 600 euros.

An example of a good online casino bonus: 100% of the deposit up to 200 euros + 100 free spins, wager 20x + 30x, there is no limit on winnings, the wagering period is 14 days, more than 1000 slots with 100% contribution. With such conditions, the gambler can choose a slot machine with a high RTP or generous bonus rounds, and calmly plan the bonus wagering. And the final benefit can be 1000 euros or even 10,000. The best casino bonus brings benefits and it can be wagered.

Use this formula to evaluate the attractiveness of deposit bonuses (Einzahlungsbonus) in an online casino:

100% – (wager x house edge)

This is how the amount of potential winnings from the bonus is calculated. The house edge indicator (the advantage of the gambling house over the player) depends on the game. In Blood Suckers, RTP is 98%, that is, house edge = 2%. If this game has a 100% contribution to the wager in the casino, then you can safely use it for wagering. The potential win with a 100% bonus of 200 euros and a 20x wager when wagering in Blood Suckers will be 120 euros (60%):

100 – (20 * 2) = 60%

So always look at the wager, the bonus amount, the list of slots by contribution and other parameters. If your goal is to withdraw as much money as possible, then look at offers without limits on the maximum winnings and with a wager no higher than 30x. Experienced players recommend avoiding the casino bonus, which must be played 40 or more times.

No Deposit Casino Bonus: what is it, how to get + tips

No deposit bonus in an online casino - it is a possible way to win real money without investing your own. Here's how to get this Promotion:

  • Open an account on the online casino website;
  • Fill in the personal information in the questionnaire;
  • Confirm the email and phone number of the account;
  • Activate the offer.

The activation of the no deposit bonus of an online casino can be automatic - immediately after registration and performing other targeted actions. Sometimes a player just needs to agree to receive a bonus in the registration form or enter a promo code there. Activation is also practiced through your personal account, via a link or in correspondence with the support service in an online chat.

The most popular casino bonus without a deposit is free spins. Usually they are issued no more than 100 (more often 25-50). Each free spin has a nominal value – 0.05 euros, 0.10 euros or more. The casino also indicates in which slot machine or slot machines the player needs to scroll through the free spins, and how much time is allotted for this. After scrolling through the free spins in the online slot , an amount is formed on the player's bonus balance – the winnings received with FS in the slot. It remains to win it back by fulfilling the requirements of the wager.

When wagering no deposit bonuses, it is important to pay attention to the limit on winnings, the size of the maximum bet, the contribution of online slots, and the wagering period. If you do not meet the deadline or exceed the amount of the allowed bet, the casino has the right to cancel the bonus. The wagering of no deposit bonuses is carried out from the bonus balance without using real money.

To withdraw the wagered no deposit casino bonus, you need to make a minimum deposit. At this stage, it is important to separate the no deposit bonus from the first deposit bonus. Often in online casinos, bonuses for the first deposits are issued automatically. In this case, there is a risk that the money won back earlier from the no deposit bonus will have to be scrolled again. The deposit bonus is already in the process of wagering. In this situation, you need to disable the casino bonus for replenishment or contact the support service with this request. At the same time, you will not lose the opportunity to receive a bonus on your first deposit.

Important: the online casino asks the player to make a minimum deposit from any system in order to check and save his details. In this way, gambling sites are struggling with bonus hunting.

Signs of the best casino bonus without a deposit: a low wager (up to x35), a high limit or its complete absence, a wagering period of more than three days, a rich selection of games with 100% contribution, the absence of dubious rules about fraud, the nominal value of one free spin from 0.10 euros.

Free spins in online slots 

Free spins in online slots are of two types:  free spins in the form of a bonus from the casino and free spins as part of the gameplay of the slot machine. These are two different things.

  • Bonus free spins from the casino is an incentive, a gift from a gambling site. They are not provided by the gameplay of the online slot by default. The casino can issue them even in slot machines where there is no free spins mode. They are scrolled in the base game. Each free spin bonus has a nominal value set by the online casino, and the winnings received from them must be wagered. In fact, with the help of FS in the bonus format, you play for money at an online casino.
  • Free spins in online slots are part of the gameplay. They are added by developers to the game by default, and are not associated with bonus promotions. Free spins in online slots are opened by collecting three scatters, the appearance of a special symbol or symbols, filling progress bars, in prize rounds, and so on. In some slot machines there is an option to buy free spins. The nominal value of the free spin in the online slot is equal to the amount of the bet at which the free spins mode was activated. Your balance is not used when playing the rewarded FS in an online slot.

Often in the free spins mode, there is a function of a retrigger or respins in the online slot, which allows you to increase the number of FS.

Fact: you can get the no deposit spins bonus from the casino in the FS online slot. This will significantly increase the bonus balance.

Live Casino bonuses with dealers

A casino bonus in the section of games with live dealers is a rarity. Websites almost never offer specialized incentives for live casinos. Very rarely there are deposit bonuses for live roulette and other disciplines. At the same time, the wager for LIVE CASINO bonuses is high – x50, x60, x75. There are special tournaments and prizes for VIP clients of tables with live dealers. Occasionally, an online casino rewards players with bonuses for special combinations or gives cashback specifically for losses in a live casino.

In general, bonuses and live casinos are not very compatible. All because of the high RTP rate of games with live dealers. These are classic table games (blackjack, baccarat, dice), where the advantage of gambling is often below 1%. Because of this, the online casino puts up a 0-10% contribution for most games with live dealers. Therefore, wagering a bonus for the first deposit or a no deposit offer in live games is not the best idea.

New casino promotions and bonuses

Not only bonus hunters are looking for new online casino bonuses. Ordinary players are also not averse to getting another promotion from the institution. To get a new casino bonus for the first deposit, you need to look for a new online casino. Do new casino bonus offers appear on the market often? Yes. And there are reasons for this:

  • New casinos appear on the network regularly. Their launch does not take much time – the platforms provide software and the necessary infrastructure. And all gambling sites after the launch offer customers new bonuses – for registration, deposit, and so on;
  • The bonus program and "old" establishments are regularly updated. If you already have an account on the site, then you will not be able to get a new online casino bonus for a deposit. However, the bonus program update affects RELOAD bonuses, the system of individual incentives, and the loyalty program.

You can find new online casino bonuses on our website. Also, follow the newsletters from casinos where you already have an account. They regularly send email notifications about new bonuses, promotions and sweepstakes.

Online casino bonus and promo codes

Often, a casino bonus is activated through promo codes. A promo code is a special set of characters that must be entered in the registration form, in your personal account or in a special designated area on the site. Only after entering such a password, the offer is activated, and you receive a casino bonus.

The bonus code acts as an identifier and allows the casino to evaluate the success/mass character of the promotion with a bonus. There are several types of online casino promo codes for bonuses:

  • Public ones from the casino. Available for almost all players. Often, such a code is automatically entered on the site in the target form. Or it is available in the open access on the casino pages;
  • Individual from the casino. Casinos with bonuses use a scheme with promo codes to distribute personal gifts to customers. The code is sent to the player by email, to his personal account or even to the messenger.
  • Prize promo codes. For getting into the prize zone in the tournament, winning the draw, achievements in the loyalty program, the player can be awarded with a prize bonus code.
  • Partner promo codes. Partner sites, communities, and youtube channels distribute exclusive promo codes for bonuses. With the help of such codes, the casino can evaluate the effectiveness of the partner and the quality of traffic.
  • Bonus code for referral programs. Customers of online casinos can also generate unique promo codes. And then distribute them to friends, making them your referrals. For this, the casino gives a bonus to both the invitee and the invited.

With the help of promo codes, you can also increase the bonus value or get a larger number of free spins. Be sure to exactly specify where you need to enter the bonus code.

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