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Blackjack Online Free or Real Money

Play Blackjack Card Game at N1 Casino

Blackjack game, also known as a blackjack card game or 21, is one of the most played casino games in the world. Blackjack casino games firmly occupy their niche and always remain demanded. Each blackjack card is a symbol of an interesting game. You can find blackjack casino games almost everywhere nowadays, and it only confirms the axiom of its recognition.

You may have heard about some blackjack 5 cards rule, something about blackjack hands and blackjack tables for sale. Some information about this game affects even those who have never played a single game. Blackjack tournaments are a common thing in almost all known casinos both brick and mortar and online. If you want to play blackjack, we’re ready to tell you more about this wonderful game.

Blackjack players card and some basics

First of all, Blackjack is a card game. It means that you play against the casino rather than other gamblers. Your objective is to get a hand of 21 or closer to it than the dealer. You should avoid getting over 21 in any case, or you’ll be busted.

At the beginning of the game, everyone at the blackjack table receives two cards. All players' cards are always dealt face up, while the dealer has at least one face down card. The ideal Blackjack hand is an opening play of an ace with any ten-point card. That’s a one-shot win with an instant blackjack payout.

Casinos always have the advantage. In Blackjack, their advantage lies within several casino blackjack table rules. Of course, these rules favor the dealer. The most substantial of them is that the gambler must make his or her move before the dealer’s move. It allows the gambler to bust in terms of score and lose his or her bet before the house even makes its move.

Blackjack table & professional blackjack

The standard blackjack table is semicircular in shape with a green upper surface. The dealer stands at the straight side of such a table with the chip tray in front of him or her. The dealing shoe is located to the dealer's left while the discard tray is located to the right. Gamblers sit near the betting circles around the curved side of the blackjack table.

All blackjack chips come in different denominations. It depends on the casino you’re playing the game at. Sometimes even different blackjack tables can have different chips due to wagering limits offered by the table. In all standard situations, white chips are equivalent to one currency unit, red chips are equivalent to five currency units, green to twenty-five, black to one hundred, and so on.

Standard blackjack is played with a classic international deck of cards with 52 cards in them. Previously this game was played with a single deck, but as soon as professional blackjack players started to count cards, it was changed. Casinos introduced multiple deck variations, based on the idea that if there are more cards in the game it would be harder for the gambler to count them all.

In the end, blackjack is now usually presented in the following variants: 2-4 deck or 6-8 deck games. Rarely you’ll find those single-deck games today. Of course, in some online casinos, you can find even more decks within a single game, but that’s an exception. Always choose fewer decks if possible.

Best online blackjack at N1 Casino

It doesn’t matter whether you’re new to blackjack online or have some experience playing blackjack for fun. Playing blackjack online for the first time may seem scary, especially if you’ve never played blackjack for real money. Although real money blackjack is identical to its free version, we don’t push you to play blackjack online for real money only. Start your gaming career by playing blackjack for free at N1 Casino. Playing free online blackjack will help you to get accustomed to the game and its flow.

You can find all types of blackjack at our online casino. N1 group provides blackjack online games of all modern variations – we follow all current blackjack online gambling trends. Enjoy free online blackjack and play blackjack online for fun on our website at any moment you want. We have a video blackjack available as well.

Real blackjack online

After the dealer shuffles cards, he or she will select a gambler and ask him or her to take the card. A gambler must place it at a random place within a stack of cards. The Dealer always moves the cards above such a card to the back of the whole stack. It demonstrates that casinos haven’t pre-arranged the deck. That first card taken is later put back into the stack.

If you have multiple decks in your game, then all cards will be placed into a card dispenser. Professional blackjack players call it a “shoe”. This shoe serves two things: it holds such large card stacks and makes card counting extremely hard. Most casinos believe that card counting is “soft” cheating, but we assure you that it’s just okay to count cards if you can.

Card counting isn’t illegal in most jurisdictions and online rules, so why shouldn’t you use it? If your dealer is slow enough to read his or her cards, then it’s not your problem. On the contrary, you should always try to predict the dealer’s moves and “read” his or her down card. But you must follow the rules of the house in any situation! If a gambler uses any type of device or software to gain an advantage over the house, then this is rough cheating. Don’t try such ideas and software, especially in serious online casinos with strict and severe security systems on board. Remember, that main advantage in blackjack must be your intelligence and expertise, not some specific items or programs. Always play fair.

Free blackjack games

Online blackjack for money isn’t a good option for the first time. Online blackjack with real money is a thing that can spoil your impression of the game, especially if you’re not a highly-skilled gambler. To get most of those blackjack real money games, you must be winning at blackjack tables most of the time.

Play free blackjack – get free practice. You must bring your understanding of the basic mechanics to complete automatism. Remember, that numeral cards two to ten have exact same face values, while face cards all worth ten points. Aces are unique because they can have a value of either one or eleven in certain game situations. These include moments where you’ll have a hand going over the 21.

Free online blackjack games will provide you with multiple game situations. They will teach you that any hand with an Ace counted as 11 is called a ‘soft’ hand, while all other hands are called ‘hard’ ones. A card worth ten points combined with an Ace is called a Blackjack (yes, like the game itself) and wins all other hands. Double Blackjack (when you and the dealer have the same number of points) results in a push – nobody wins and you get your wager back.


To understand all your games and all situations, you must play the game. Sure, playing free online blackjack with other players will contribute to your overall skill, but it’s not enough. You want to beat the house in the end, right? Then you should know how your opponent is affected by standard rules and limitations. By saying “your opponent”, we mean the dealer in your game, naturally.

Every dealer plays by the same set of rules as you do. Blackjack rules were designed to protect the casino’s advantage by making every dealer play simple and almost flawless games every now and then. Sure, any casino will get a profit — no matter how many card sessions it played out over time.

The more gamblers want to become rich in a blink of an eye, the more the casino will earn from those rushers. Only those, who carefully plan all their moves and expenses can beat the house in the end. When the dealer must show his or her face-down card, he or she will use the same standard rules every time to select the next move.

If the card total is sixteen points or less, the dealer will make a “hit” move. Until the casino’s hand doesn’t have seventeen points, “hits” from the dealer will continue. If the casino’s hand has seventeen points, and there’s no Ace in it, the dealer will stand. Yes, even if you have a bigger total right now.

In case of a soft seventeen, that includes one Ace and any other cards, the dealer will take at least one more card. Such straight action is highly recommended by all types of modern casinos and games, including those live versions as well. The dealer will be “forced” to hit. In this case, the casino’s hand either becomes a hard one, or it goes over 21 and busts!

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