up to 200%

+50 free spins



N1 Casino and Roshtein welcomes you with an exclusive bonus-package!


1st DEPOSIT 200% BONUS up to 100 EUR


Bonus Terms and conditions

To receive the Roshtein’s First deposit bonus, you must make a deposit of at least:

EUR 20 / USD 20, 1200 RUB, 200 NOK

To receive 5 Roshtein’s Second deposit freespins, you must make a deposit of

EUR 20 / USD 20, 1200 RUB, 200 NOK

To receive 10 Roshtein’s Second deposit freespins, you must make a deposit of

EUR 50 / USD 50, 3000 RUB, 500 NOK

To receive 20 Roshtein’s Second deposit freespins, you must make a deposit of

EUR 100 / USD 100, 6000 RUB, 1000 NOK

To receive 50 Roshtein’s Second deposit freespins, you must make a deposit of

EUR 200 / USD 200, 12000 RUB, 2000 NOK

  • Bonus must be wagered 40 times before the player can make a withdrawal;
  • Freespins must be wagered 20 times before the player can make a withdrawal;
  • Players are required to play their second deposit through at least 5 times or deplete their deposit to 0, to cash out wins from free spins.
  • Free spins must be activated within 3 days after deposit;
  • Bonus duration – 14 days. Free spins duration – 7 days;
  • Maximum bet while wagering: EUR 5 / USD 5
  • N1 Casino General Terms and Conditions apply
  • First Deposit
    200% Bonus up to 100 EUR
  • Second Deposit
    up to 50 FreeSpins
  • Mobile Friendly
  • 2000+ Games
  • 100% SeCURE

Roshtein & Roshwin Online Casino & Gambling

Roshtein, the streamer from distant, chilly and rich Sweden, invites you to join N1 Casino with Roshtein bonus! Uninitiated people are not aware that the world of gambling has its streaming superstars and gurus. What is was again? Roshstein, roshtain, rosthein, roshtien, roshstein? Who cares? Little do they know, he is often discussed as the supreme twitch slots streamer and for a good reason. Roshtein live streams have gathered the dedicated army of fans also known as his Troops (in the same manner as PewDiePie has his army of bros). However, as you can imagine, games Roshtein plays are different from your regular Twitch experience. Nevertheless, usually, his streams have up to 10000 views. You can join his audience at Twitch or through Roshtein website roshtein.com too. Devoted viewers use his affiliate links to get all sorts of bonuses in casinos he plays. Usually it is some kind of Roshtein casino bonus or Roshtein points for Roshwin casino. As you can guess, N1 Casino is not an exception. Registration through this page will lead you to a generous Roshtein casino bonus package with free spins and bonus deposits.

Gambling is something where you win and lose real money ultimately moving to the big catch. N1 Casino and Roshtein for sure have made some common memories in this regard. It all began with his great cash grab of €122k at N1 Casino with relatively tiny €50 bet in 12 spins on Tombstone slot! Robbery continued as soon after Roshtein became the metaphorical most wanted on the Wild West by shamelessly dominating the Money Train slot. He has escaped with €183k in the bag, beating his previous record to dust. It was the Roshtein biggest win in his career so far and one of the biggest wins in the history of N1 Casino. Roshtein real name is Ismael. His estimated average yearly income may be as big as $680k (at least we can make an educated guess about it by analyzing his advertising revenue). Roshtein was among original slots players on Twitch. At the beginning of the career there were not a lot of followers, but the niche kept getting bigger and he got an influx of viewers over the years. Roshtein and slots are two things meant for each other by destiny. The player spends about up to 12 hours a 4-5 days a week streaming his wins and failures. He is not just a gambler and businessman, but a charismatic entertainer too. Quality of his performance and videos grew with his methods and net worth. Before a lot of gambling streamers including Roshtein were banned from YouTube, we might be talking about $112-$1.44k from his five YouTube videos. Philosophy of Roshtein on casino and gambling is connected to high risks. Not every slot player can afford to bet £50 on each spin. Normally he bets £50 spins and this draws people who like to call Roshtein a fake. As he has mass following of gambling enthusiasts, he can attract worthy deposit bonuses. He usually deposits £2000 which provides him a £8000 balance to play. The wagering obligation is 45x, which means to £270K. So he does his £50 spins in the expectation of hitting the bullseye, which he requires to if he is to achieve the wager. With lower bets it will require at least a week of wasted time, hopes and tries to wager a single deposit. If luck is on the side of our gambling philosopher, he goes through the wager in about 5 hours. Roshtein online casino experience is not always the story of success. He is a talented individual, but not a wizard, so often he loses the balance in half an hour. In fact, in most cases, he loses, but does have the occasional big cash-out to keep spinning. His fame and fans also give him neat supplementary profits. Roshtein is transparent about his deposits and means of making the coin. He has had two long pauses in the previously when he has had to give up for a while due to uncomfortable misfortunes. Despite separating his personal and gaming life as many famous gamblers do, Roshtein has Instagram and other social media. He is quite a media person with a somewhat luxurious lifestyle and not exclusive for Twitch. But it is not limited only by dolce vita. For example, a football fan, Roshtein has made several posts relating to the Swedish men’s national football team. Don’t forget to play responsible since not everyone is a millionaire who can afford to spend a lot of money in chase of astonishing jackpot. When you play that much as ten hours per day with such big stakes as £50 on each spin, you sure increase your chance of hitting big. If you play 1 hour each month, you don't have the same odds at hitting anything worth mentioning. We understand that there are different kind of players. N1 Casino hopes our welcome bonuses will help you to explore your true potential.

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